VOLUNTEER: We're looking for skiers and snowboarders to coach our upcoming 2017 Winter Season. This is a huge opportunity to get involved with your local community while doing something that you love. Your participation on the team includes a discounted season pass at Snoqualmie Pass, free transportation on Sundays from Bellevue or North Bend, and a weekend at Mission Ridge for the State Meet. Please contact us for more information about volunteering.

PROGRAM FUNDING: One hundred percent of our program's non-tuition funding comes from public and private donations. Because of the financial circumstance of many of our participants, the program tuition fee does not fully cover the operating costs for the program. That is why donations are so vital to our success. Cascade Ridge Racers Ski Program receives its funding in full from a local foundation. Life Enrichment Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit foundation impelled to support local programs furthering and enhancing the lives of King County residents with special needs.

Since the Foundation's inception in late 2000, over $250,000 has been donated to programs ranging from community dances to Bellevue Ski School's participation in Special Olympics. Through the Foundation's support, these programs provide a venue for participants of all ages to take part in worthwhile activities that entrust a sense of self-worth, valuable group experience and pride that can be applied to their everyday lives. Any and all funding directed to the Cascade Ridge Racers ski program must be directed to Life Enrichment Foundation and should be earmarked as Cascade Ridge Racer funding.

For more information about Life Enrichment Foundation, please click here.